Human rights laws protect every person in Ontario from discrimination in employment, housing and services. These laws are difficult to navigate without guidance. We represent clients in discrimination cases before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and the courts. We provide expertise in a number of challenging human rights issues such as:

  • Discrimination or harassment in the workplace, for instance due to race, gender, gender identity or gender expression, pregnancy, family status or age;
  • Disability in the workplace, including accommodation at work;
  • Mental health or intellectual disabilities at work;
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace;
  • Discriminatory hiring and promotional practices;
  • Education placement for exceptional students with disabilities;
  • School discipline of students with disabilities, including suspension and expulsion;
  • Accommodation for students with disabilities;
  • Police discrimination based on race, gender or disability;
  • Equal access to services for persons with physical or intellectual disabilities; and
  • Removal of barriers for persons with mental health challenges.

Our lawyers also provide consultations and advice to employers or organizations that wish to establish human rights best practices. We provide general information on topics such as employer obligations, employee rights and common human resources issues, as well as a detailed review of workplace policies and other services. Contact our lawyers to schedule an education seminar or policy audit for your workplace.