PBP Lawyers represents woman failed by CUPE’s sexual harassment complaint procedures

In an application filed with the Human Rights Tribunal on International Women’s Day, Alex Petit-Thorne sheds light on how CUPE deals with sexual harassment internally. Kelley Bryan is representing Ms. Petit-Thorne in the claim.

Ms. Petit-Thorne, a union member, made a sexual harassment complaint in November 2018 against Devin Lefebvre, CUPE Local 3903’s chairperson. Her application sets out how CUPE 3903 failed her in its arbitrary and demeaning response to her complaint. She asserts that CUPE does not have an adequate sexual harassment complaint procedure, such that Mr. Lefebvre was permitted to direct CUPE 3903’s response despite his conflict of interest, and her sexual harassment claim was exposed to open debate amongst the members of the union.

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