Lawyers group writes open letter to CAMH donor highlighting mental health patient needs

The Law and Mental Disorder Association (LAMDA) has prepared an open letter to the anonymous donor of $100 million to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, urging that some portion of the very generous donation be directed to meet some of the needs of those suffering with mental health issues.  Perez Bryan Procope LLP wholly supports and joins in this request.  The letter can be read here: LAMDA Open Letter to Anonymous CAMH Donor

Some examples of immediate needs that could be impacted by a large financial donation include:

  • Providing decent long-term housing and reducing wait lists for this housing.
  • Providing more beds in short-term housing and shelters.
  • Providing funding for educational and vocational opportunities.
  • Creating more recreational therapy, occupational therapy, social activities and other positive rehabilitative options for inpatients of CAMH.
  • Providing community supports for clients living in the community, such as case managers, peer support organizations, recreation and drop-in centres.
  • Providing funding for vital services that are not covered typically by OHIP, such as individual therapy, counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and treatment by psychologists.
  • Attracting clinicians and funding for high-quality psychiatric treatment for patients outside of Toronto and other major urban centres, such as rural areas, Northern Ontario and aboriginal communities.