Mediation is a process of settlement negotiation facilitated by a neutral mediator. It typically takes place over a day or multiple days with the participation of all parties to the dispute with their counsel if they are represented. Ideally, mediation results in an agreement that makes more sense than ongoing and expensive litigation. Mediation may be mandatory depending on the jurisdiction of a court proceeding.

Alexander Procope offers mediation services for power of attorney, guardianship and estates litigation matters. He has received a Certificate of Completion of the Sitt Feld Handy ADR Workshop from the University of Windsor Faculty of Law and has over 15-years of experience representing all sides in these challenging disputes.

Alex voluntarily adheres to the terms and standards of the Elder Mediation International Network Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators subject to the additional confidentiality protections for our mediations of legal disputes.

Please contact us for inquiries about mediation and for bookings.