We have significant experience representing victims of institutional or state abuse. These cases are socially and personally significant, but can cost more than you stand to gain. We will assess your case and prepare a focussed litigation plan that takes into account anticipated costs and your best and worst case scenarios. If legal fees are a barrier, we will explore alternative funding options and other possibilities for low-cost but effective representation.

Charter Litigation

Legal action can be a strong force for advancing the interests of disadvantaged groups or challenging unconstitutional laws or government action. Our lawyers have been involved in a number of precedent-setting Charter of Rights and Freedoms cases. We have a special interest in pursuing cases that promote a fair and just society for all.

Coroners’ Inquests

When a person dies in police or psychiatric  detention and certain other situations, a Coroner may hold a public hearing to review the circumstances of the death. These inquests can result in recommendations on how similar deaths can be avoided. The family of the deceased and interested organizations may participate. We represent public interest groups or family members in inquests, with particular expertise in inquests relating to detained persons and involving mental health issues.