Disagreements over Wills and Estates can be highly emotional and overwhelming, especially when individuals are grieving the death of a loved one or navigating complex family dynamics.   Disputes may arise relating to the deceased’s estate, such as a challenge to the validity of a Will, suspicious changes to a Will, or questionable actions of an executor or trustee.  With  an aging population, these types of disputes may arise even before death as a senior (allegedly) loses mental capacity.

Our lawyers are skilled in Wills and Estates disputes and litigation, including:

  • Consulting with clients regarding their options, in a forward-thinking, practical manner;
  • Challenging a Will;
  • Defending a Will:
  • Interpretating the terms of a Will or trust;
  • Varying the terms of a Will or trust;
  • Seeking to remove estate trustees (executors) for dishonesty, wrongdoing or incompetence;
  • Making dependants’ relief claims when spouses or dependants are excluded from a Will or not adequately provided for;
  • Seeking accountings from estate trustees, who can be compelled to produce their accounting records and explain the transactions or the amounts of compensation taken; and
  • Assisting estate trustees in responding to passing of accounts applications.