Alex Procope presents at the 8th Human Rights Summit Program

On December 3, 2019, Alex presented on the topic of mental capacity at the 8th Human Rights Summit. This continuing professional development program was presented by the Law Society of Ontario. Alex’s panel included Rani Khan from the Human Rights Legal Support Centre and Lauri Reesor from Hicks Morley. They presented on legal capacity generally, professional responsibility and practical issues from the perspective of lawyers for complainants and respondents.

The program description is below:

New approaches to equality, diversity and inclusion have brought human rights matters to the forefront—not just in the forums of government and public institutions, but also in private industry, social organizations, and other areas that have not traditionally been subject to such scrutiny. Our presenters go over these important issues and illustrate how human rights are continuing to evolve in concert with them, with special emphasis on how legislators, tribunals, and courts address the impacts within their jurisdictions. There’s much to keep abreast of in this area, and this summit is a perfect opportunity to do so.

  • Get an update on what is new at the Tribunal

  • Learn best practices for dealing with clients with mental incapacity or diminished capacity

  • Consider the issue of racial profiling in the provision of services

  • Hear about the differences between pursuing a chronic mental stress claim under either the human rights or WSIB regime​

PBP Lawyers have often acted in legal proceedings with difficult capacity-related issues including human rights complaints among other practice areas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you, a client or a family member is facing a capacity-related legal issue.