Combatting Ageism in Legal Services

Earlier this year the World Health Organization (WHO) published its Global Report on Ageism (Report). The Report resonated with me as I and my partners at Perez Bryan Procope LLP routinely work with older people in our practice, which includes capacity law, access to care and benefits, and elder law.

In my article “How to Combat Ageism in the Practice of Law”, published on the Ontario Bar Association website, I describe some of the ways we at Perez Bryan Procope LLP are trying to combat ageism in our daily practice with respect to older people.

In providing legal services, we need to remember that ageism adversely affects a broad range of people. We need to reflect on how we can avoid unconscious ageism regardless of our areas of practice. Let’s take the time to reflect on how we each can prevent ageism to better serve the interests of our clients.

Thank you for reading.

– Alex

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