Kelley Bryan and Alex Procope successful in Peel police race discrimination case

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario ruled on April 21, 2017 that the Peel police discriminated against Staff Sergeant BJ Sandhu when they failed to recommend him for promotion to the rank of Inspector.  The Tribunal found that Staff Sergeant Sandhu is a decorated officer whose excellent policing skills, combined with his cultural and linguistic skills, assisted the Peel police in enhancing its reputation and providing effective service within the racialized community in Peel region.  However, when Staff Sergeant Sandhu applied for promotion to the rank of Inspector, his superiors placed little value on his experience in South Asian policing, discounting that work as being less than “real” police work.


Kelley Bryan and Alex Procope represented BJ Sandhu at the Human Rights Tribunal hearing.

Read the Tribunal’s decision here and media coverage here.