Alex Procope Presented a Capacity Webinar for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

As part of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in January 2021, Alex Procope presented at Right at Home Canada’s webinar Power of Attorney, Guardianship and Substitute Decision Making Basics. Primarily healthcare providers and administrators attended this webinar.

Alex discussed the basics of Ontario’s capacity laws and decision-making for people found incapable respecting property management or personal care. He also reviewed when a power of attorney (POA) is legally effective and when guardianship may be necessary.

In today’s environment, POA, guardianship and substitute decision-making authority must be properly confirmed and documented more than ever. Understanding how these related legal regimes work for incapable or potentially incapable people is crucial for every aspect of healthcare. Failure to understand the risks involved and your legal obligations can lead serious impacts on individual autonomy on tp of significant professional and organizational errors.

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